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    Full House Contracting and Remodeling is a firm that is dedicated to our clients. We have become one of the leading Contractors and bathroom remodelers in Plantation, and surrounding areas. Our commitment to client satisfaction does not end when the building project is complete. We offer a continuing variety of client services for our clients and their homes through our property management and home service division. This service is available to all our clients, and is customized to each client's needs.
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    “Bryan and his team, surpassed our expectations from start to finish…They communicated every step of the project, the remodel results were of the highest quality, and most importantly…were respectful to our home and family. We would not hesitate in giving Full House the highest reference available. –J.Defibaugh-Plantation Homeowner

    First, Remodeling your home will actually protect it from further deterioration. As your house grows older, certain problems will start showing up. It is at times like this you need to protect your property's integrity and extend its life by remodeling it. There is no comparison between a rickety old bathroom and a newly remodeled one.

    Second, You can actually enhance the value of your home by remodeling it. A really good remodeling job can dramatically lift the value of your house sky high and reward you financially should you want to sell it at some later date. The difference between your home's faded, creaky and moldy old look and the sparkling new looks after the work is done will definitely have a huge impact on the property's value that will actually outweigh the amount of money you spent remodeling it.

    Final Reason, Remodeling your home will allow you to get more functionality out of the house. You will enjoy a fresh, new and engaging environment. And your wife will love you for it…
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